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We offer deck refinishing, deck staining, and full service painting for decks, railings and patio covers. We can accommodate any schedule or project size. We also use premium quality stains, paints, and sealers. We follow a meticulous process for all exterior jobs, starting with an assessment of the project to identify any possible safety hazards and landscaping or other items need to be moved in order to complete the job.

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The Process of Restoring and Preserving Wood Decks

Decks FAQ

Horizontal (flat) surfaces need maintenance twice as often as vertical surfaces. it also depends upon what type of materials you are using and If your deck’s in full sun (exposed to direct sunlight all day long. If your budget permits, and you want a deck in full sunlight looking good and protected as much as possible, we recommend redoing it every other year, depending upon the finishing product. For example solid stain can last 3-4 years.

Debris from trees and shrubs builds up on or between the boards of your deck. It is a good idea to clean that debris out from between these boards once a year. The debris is most harmful in winter when moisture can be trapped. If you have vertical wood or siding, depending on the sun exposure, you can re-preserve and maintain the wood every 2-5 years. The concept we promote is to maintain the wood as often as needed to avoid larger expenses due to rot that can start if it is left alone. Part of the service.

When it comes to preserving or staining your new deck (or any other new wooden structure), we always bleach if first to remove any marks from the lumberyard and from the construction process. Bleaching also helps to open the pores in the wood for better penetration of the preservative.

You should try to stay off the deck for usually 24-48 hours. You can actually walk on it soon after we finish but you should be mindful that there might be residue on your shoes. For teak furniture please allow 48-72 hours before sitting directly on the wood or putting cushions back on the furniture.

Put your plants on raised platforms or trays with wheels. Move them around so moisture doesn’t gather as this will cause fungus.

You shouldn’t power wash yourself as it is very easy to cause irreversible damage to your wooden surfaces. We have highly trained painters and will do it properly.


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